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You're A Good Man Charlie Brown CD Cover
Everybody says to me, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE
BROWN!!! Baseball Games, Glee Club Rehersals,
and Beethoven Day dominates life. It's great
being a kid and not understanding adults.
You're dog loves you, and food of course, but
still you. And your friends, although they may
be harsh, still think very highly of you. Stay
being that good man you are, savor your
Happiness and write that Book Report on Peter
Rabbit...And that's my New Philosophy.

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we leave in the morning, get back on monday.. i do not like airplanes.

is there any particular reason a distant radio signal would come in better in the morning than at night, or is it my imagination?
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monday night i was stuck in mat-cutting hell. we were in the school darkroom until 3 am, then worked on matting straight till morning.. which sucks. was like, jesus, didn't i already go to work today? bah. anyway, it's done and graded and all. now to start the xmas shopping. sigh. at least i got a lot of the xmas knitting done.

yeah. where's the new kids on the block xmas album...
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um. i really wish people would not leave confusing and disturbing messages for me.. one could at least explain further or leave the disturbing part for later. well then.

in other news, i get to buy toys tomorrow. wheee!
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hanging from a telephone wire over charles street, next to a pair of sneakers, is a my pet monster.

yay autumn.
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back from montreal. more later.
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not that we didn't know this but..


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we leave tomorrow.. must remember to get film and stuff. oh.. the coupon for the discoun yarn place will expire while we're away. hm. because i really need more yarn, it hasn't taken over enough space yet..
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thanks to some stupid road construction (maybe if we put bricks in all the crosswalks they'll be fooled into thinking this is a nice area!), all the traffic from the main road has been detoured down my street. it now takes about ten minutes to get from the beginning of the street to my house at the other end of the block. when i get to this detour today, i happen to notice my car is smoking. i thought this was fixed, dammit! sigh. a group of kids on the sidewalk shouted helpfully, "hey! your car's on fire!" it was a fun ten-minute crawl.

that's it. i'm getting a bicycle.
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sigh. 33.3mb into a 40mb download.. next person to pick up the phone dies. the joys of dial-up...

our yard saling this morning yielded nothing much. jess got some dvds. what, is the season over already? bah.
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hm.. so. i guess the summer festival in quebec is out, since it's right after my mother's surgery and all. and hawksley's playing in buffalo on the third, but by the time we started talking about it it was too late to take time off work. meh.

this tmbg clock radio would be neat if streaming audio actually streamed on this computer.
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so we did go to field day. or stadium day, perhaps. least i get half the money back, which will likely go to the dentist. yeah. so it actually turned out to be okay that we got shitty seats because it didn't stop raining once. radiohead was good good, anyway.

i have been untangling this unraveled scarf yarn forever now. it's late. i give up. for now.
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phew. so i'm not the only one whose journal was changing color of its own accord.. call me paranoid, but i was all set to change my password and stuff.

we saw tick.. tick.. boom! on sunday, yes, and we got to see joe mcintyre. (wilson cruz was really good too.) i know. 22 and we're still new kids on the block groupies. oops, still have to pay her back for those tickets.

the nyquil is kicking in..
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I scored a 47% on the "Are you a Rhode Islandah?" Quizie! What about you?

free buddy, indeed.
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interesting. i got an email from ticketmaster informing me that ben folds five is playing in new haven. hm?

i just sneezed so horribly it hurt my lungs. i think i have sars. allergies are not usually this bad..
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well.. it's a nice day, and i'm off to look for a junkyard.

goddamn sculpture class..
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i. hate. this. weather.

and it going down to 5 or zero or something again tomorrow. can i be put into a coma for the next few weeks? please?

i hate valentine's day.
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allrighty.. finally have things running on a different computer.. still working on the other one. sigh. well. at long last i found one of the new strawberry shortcake dolls. i must resist the urge to buy all the new care bears too..

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fuck this new version of msn. fuck fuck fuck. that's all i'm going to say right now, because my head's going to explode. except that i'd like to know why they couldn't make an upgraded version that didn't make everything else on my computer nonfunctional.
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fuck the people who used to live next door and fuck their 27 flea-ridden cats. the whole cats living in the house by themselves thing becomes less funny when the dog brings in fleas and infests the house with them. ack. i keep feeling bugs crawling on me even thought there's none. and okay, i've only actually seen two or three, but that's enough.
*shudder* yeah, i'm wussy, whatever.

and fuck the people across the street for playing loud bad dance music all night. christ.
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